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L4D2 Tournament SIGN UP!!


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I would like to sign up for this tournament please. I think I am a good player and a good team player. I have trained my whole life for this moment here, I am ready.


Mason, 2014


Already signed up, just wanted to post. Also, yeah if you can give a one week notice prior so I can take off from work and school.

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Purpose > Perspective:


The one with only one seed left already released all her seeds and they are busy wrecking my lawn.. 

The other one is late and her seeds may not find a nice place in my lawn, as they are late and all the good spots are gone - worse, I may have to get the lawn sprayed, in which case, they may never get a chance to fly.


Now I feel bad, having killed so many dandelions.

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Go to Ban List tab or type in this STEAM_1:0:51940884


but, I ask,

 by date,

that make public

something private?

and  also forbidden to comment on the forum?

this is not the right forum to post concerning the  ban


as will be used  the stream, I wanted to see him and lift my pompoms xD

for support by chat.


I hope it stays,   the tournament for players to have fun.

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How else can we break the news for you...


is not the news,

delicate things

is best done in private than public.

or in the appropriate forum

also, a person knows when is prohibited.

hopefully no longer touch more about my,

rather, of the tournament


I'll be waiting, with enthusiasm the date xD

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