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My minecraft broke itself...


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nice fencegate trees... quite fancy.... on a more serious note, do you still have issues when not using a texture pack or when not using optifine. I remember having some issues back in 1.7 with optifine depending on my settings and how they reacted with my video card. I would say try defaults and then add in the one thing at a time until you find out what is really causing the issue... could just be one of the settings in optifine or just a conflict between it and the texture pack.... now that I think about it I heard that optifine doesnt play well with other client side addons. (not sure if its texture packs or just addons)

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heck with all the extras that mojang has hidden in this game, you might have just stumbled across an extremely rare easter egg in the form of a world seed.... do you still have that seeds number.... I might try to load it up and see if I get the same thing.

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