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Thank You Panda


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We spoke about me uploading a picture of Panda. 

She is really cute and does not let me sleep at night. 

Thus she is a bit whiny. She is very cute though and I could not think of what to call her. I thought first oreo then, cow then none of those fit. Cow was because of course a cow is that color and she eats a lot. She has like eight stomachs she eats a lot. Oreo because even though on the outside she is dirty she is so sweet to us. 

But then I thought as we were talking in the chat the other day. Panda because panda was in there talking to everyone. needless to say thank you panda we finally came to the decision of naming our dog after you. 

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Your dog and I seem to be perfect parallels, I'm a bit whiny, cute, eat a lot (like 8 stomachs worth), don't let people sleep at night, I'm super dirty, and well...I guess we're both sort of "female dogs" in our own way....if you know what I'm saying. Needless to say you couldn't have picked a better name.

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Do you all want to see how big my Panda is now?

You can't tempt people with puppies and not deliver.....



I'm calling Puppy Protective Services on you.



We've been duped!


Starting to think there was never a puppy, he just found a picture on the internet.



Oldest trick in the book

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