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What TV shows are you watching/looking forward to/finished


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Wanted to gauge how many TV watchers we have :)



Agents of Shield Season 2

Arrow Season 3


Finished Recently:

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 10

Hemlock Grorve Season 2

Marco Polo Season 1

Parks and Recreation Season 1-7

Peaky Blinders Seasons 1-2


Looking forward to:


Hemlock Grove Season 3

Marco Polo Season 2

Orange is the New Black Season 3

Orphan Black Season 3

Peaky Blinders Season 3

Sherlock Season 4


What about you guys?

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Justified.  Easily one of the most underrated TV shows.  Currently on 6th ( final ) season.  Great, great show, but overshadowed by the heavy hitters - Breaking Bad, GOT, etc.  8.7 on Imbd.  Watch it!  Thank me later.

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Watching - Walking Dead, Gotham, Helix, Black Sails


Caught Up and Waiting for Next Season - Sleepy Hollow, Sherlock


Need to Catch Up - Elementary (need to see season 3)


Looking Forward to - X-Files returning, Paranormal Witness (Syfy) new season

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Better Call Saul is good !!!!  It's a little slow the first few episodes but it's understandable they have to set up the story and characters and all that.  "Saul" was one of my favorite characters, so I'm a little biased.  But so far, :thumbsup: the potential is there for sure. Breaking Bad started out slow too....


You haven't seen GOT?  What's wrong with you?!?!  


I also got bored of Walking Dead by season 4.


Gotham any good?  

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IDK if there is enough forum space for all that I watch but I will tell you and I'm going to break it down for you just encase anyone sees something they are interested talk to me first LOL: 



The Big Bang Theory

Modern Family

Brooklyn Nine-Nine




Dramas: (I'm just gonna recommend all these but the smiley's are the def check out)

Law & Order SVU

The Blacklist  :smillie_smilling:  (James Spader is really awesome as Raymond Reddington)

Criminal Minds


Rizzoli & Isles 

Chicago Fire

Resurrection  :smillie_smilling: 

Madam Secretary :smillie_smilling:  

Blue Bloods


Reality (well kinda of lol):

Hardcore Pawn

Shipping Wars

Bar Rescue

Mystery Diners


Real World (sometimes depends on cast)

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars


Reality Competitions (when they are on):

Hell's Kitchen 

Celebrity Apprentice

America's Got Talent

Real World/Road Rules Challenge

Ink Masters

Face-off (sometimes when I'm bored I watch this)

RuPaul's Drag Race

MasterChef (if someone I like is competing i'll watch)

Worst Cooks in America

Cutthroat Kitchen

Ink Masters (cool if you like tattooing)


No real category for these:

Young & Hungry

Judge Judy

The People's Court


Girl Meets World (the new Boy Meets World but with their kids)

Impractical Jokers


Finished Not by Choice :(:

Perception (It was cancelled bc TNT Doesn't know drama but it's an amazing series while it lasted)

Franklin & Bash (actually there's one season left)

Bad Judge (was on the fence with this one)


Upcoming considerations:

Chicago Med (didn't like Chicago P.D. so doubt I'll watch unless there are Cross-overs)


I highlighted the ones I think if you REALLY are looking for a good Series those are pretty awesome 

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About to watch:

Breaking bad (Yeah Yeah, I'm behind the times)

Better late than never.


You have seen The Wire, right?


I watched Season one of The Wire then carried on living my life LOL.  My partner hates me for it.

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