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Ghost town


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I've been hopping on the server here and there to build some stuff since I never did when we first started the new map... it's always dead.


Actually ran in to another player for the first time in a long time, thanks for the company Jerky.


Hope to see more people around again.

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I check on the server daily but with my current work hours taking up 12-15 hours 5 days a week I don't have much play time. Though sundays and mondays I can be on... I think some are hoping for server mods and I am keeping my eyes open for a time when this can happen... hopefully either that or just people seeing other people on will cause more to come back on... I hope.

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bukkit is discontinued and the choice is either use spigot with plugins similar to the old server... I might be able to find home and possibly dynmap but that would be the extent of the plugins... or go with mods which would add significantly more stuff to the game but its pretty much one or the other

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