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did you anounced it 2 minutes before the custom went up? D:

(i dont know what time the forums use lol)


oh right, today IS friday...

aniway, if theres anyone avaible,  could we do it on saturday too?

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custom just killed server 2 lol


Saturday night is my wedding anniversary.  I think it is 23 years or something, which is 92 in husband years.  I believe I have to go out to dinner or something.  Maybe another admin can step up and offer to run something.  I might be on, but cant commit

congrats on the aniverary!

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we started the custom a little early, sorry to any that came in toward the end.  it crashed on last map unfortunately.  we did pathing on parish after.  maybe someone can run a custom tomorrow

What pathing?  There's no real pathing on the parish

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Dead Center has pathing.  Not a ton on map 2.

Dark Carnival has some, again, not a ton on it either.

Hard Rain has some.

Parish has a little bit.

No Mercy obviously has a ton on it.

The Passing has a ton on it.

The Sacrifice has some.


It was damn hard to come up with pathing because lots of times maps were already as linear as a straight hallway. 

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