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Clash of Clans


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SO I've been playing this game for a while, and I find it pretty fun.  My only problem is the people I play it with.  I joined a clan because I had 1 friend I knew in person from 10 years ago.  Long story short, this clan is a nightmare.  I'm to the point now where I'm not interested in staying with them any longer because it's run by children with big mouths...literally.  The kids are in their early teens, and the leader of the clan (no clue of his age) lets them dictate how things run (he's no relation to them, but a few of the kids are brothers). 


Needless to say, they are actually good players and have been playing for a while, but I'm used to a community where certain rules are laid out so that there is no conflict of interest.  GC definitely seems to run under those rules, so I had an epiphany! 


How about a GC-based Clash of Clans group??


How many of you play?  How would we set up leadership in the clan?  If this is a possibility, can we set up a CoC forum?


Anyways, before I leave this clan, I'd just like to get everyone's thoughts on this if you play and if we have enough to start a clan?  The bigger the clan, the better!

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How does that game work? I've been meaning to check it out


You start off as a small village and the tutorial shows you how to buy stuff and place them, and so on.  As you build more elixir and gold (from mines that are purchased and built - no money) you can build more stuff or build an army to attack other bases for their loot.  When your stuff is maxed out at your level you can upgrade your town hall to the next level, which allows you to get more items and level those up.  The town halls range from 1 - 10.  As you go up every town hall level, it takes longer and longer to get all your stuff upgraded.  I'm a Town Hall 8 and I've been playing nearly every day since October 2014.  I know some ppl who are TH 10 that have been playing over a year or two.


Anyways, its very fun, but even more fun when you play with others you know.  When you form a clan, you can participate in Clan Wars which allow you to compete against another clan.  You attack the other clans villages and based on how destroyed the base is, you get 1, 2 or 3 stars.  The clan with the most stars at the end of the war wins all their bonus loot. 

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