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Modify Server to get more Traffic?


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I don't know if it's just the Summer or what, but besides some weekend nights and customs the place just won't fill up.


I think the way we have the server configured is a big reason for that, any chance we would consider changing it up?


I say we change it up so we follow Competitive rules with the following modifications...


  • First to 11 wins, switch teams after 10 rounds. Play a 21st round with teams as they are in the situation of a 10-10 tie.
  • No team damage except for grenades (if that is possible.)
  • Start with $1000 dollars.


I know the server has followed the same rules for a very long time, but seeing it compared to other servers I think this would be good. I don't expect this to happen, but I think it would be healthy for the server.


There can still be a vote for maps after the 9th round, but perhaps change the maps to a more standard defuse rotation?


Just a thought, thanks!

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During each of the operations server is going down (like I said in the beginning RIP Server) and comes back around September.

Not much you can do, just wait till people get tired of it.



Alternatively, we could install many mods and put up some custom maps with minigames and such.

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I've read articles/ post about server pops  and start ups and what not and  a lot of opinions were in the mindset of - playing maps no one else plays vs the hardcore old school.  I feel like our GC's current/ long termed members are more inclined to the  old school comp maps. Our map vote is pretty central on comp maps outside of  scoutz which was a great play when the csgo server was at its hottest within the last 2 years. (early- mid 2014)


current cycle














Honestly there are  no combinations of 4/5 maps that are a bad pool of votes. 



The main problem is our run of the mill regulars will not start the server by themselves with other options readily available.   We have 5-10 hardcorce CSGO members whose main game is CSGO but they elect to play CMM opposed to PUB.   If those same 5-10 got on the server more would come.  Two members can get the server going but sometimes that is hard to maintain.  5 or more though would make it stronger and  long lasting.  I made a few post pleading for start up help.  Unfortunately it rarely if ever comes or when it does the enthusiasm dies rather quickly.  I'm going through a tough phase at work at the moment and honestly have no interest in sitting in a server  for some 2 v 2 or 3 v 3 for  2 maps all the while my friends ( other members) are just plugging away at match making.  The core of the problem is in fact as stated before the game itself.  CMM makes finding a good game  with friends so simple.




edit- pS    I tossed around the idea of changing our pubs name to 12 v 12 match making server (lol)  because our 5 v 5 match making server has people on almost all the time. Take right now for instance  COMP PUB- 0     5v5 Match server-  8    lulz

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CMM resulted in too many over-competitive little factions :so and so refuses to play with so and so.That gets around and resulted in a lot of animosity.As a result, many stopped caring about "communities".Bottom line it's a computer game!

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Other than SNC's  the pub has been kaput 


Yes it has, as such in an attempt to get some traffic I really think we should make some of the changes, taking into account some of the suggestions in here and on mumble..


  • First to 11 wins, switch teams after 10 rounds. Play a 21st round with teams as they are in the situation of a 10-10 tie.
  • Reduce teams to 10 v 10 for standard games. Keep 4 slots reserved for members/admins, mostly for Customs nights.
  • Start with $1000 dollars. Other than that use normal competitive money rules.
  • Change the name of the server to.. Gamers Coalition | Competitive Match Server | Chicago | 128 Tick
  • Continue to utilize voting, but change the vote to start after a team wins 10 rounds.
  • Remove de_contra and Scoutz from the current rotation (shown above.) Add cs_militia.

At this point what do we have to lose? This is the format of most successful servers. If it is possible I say we give it a shot, if a server manager can implement these changes.

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I'm pretty sure settings and game layout aren't the problem. We'd tried variations with our second and even 3rd csgo servers at times.  The only successful outcome was  the 5 v 5 public match server in csgo.    What made the GC server and GC in general successful was the fact that the same or a close combination of players played the pub constantly while enforcing the same rules.   There are literally thousands of csgo servers with settings close to what you have above  that sit unpopulated everyday.    Remember on game tracker alone there is like 32k servers....   32 thousand +



If you want the server to work- get yourself and 5 friends on.  Do that everyday for at least  90 mins and the server will work fine.  It will fill.  It will play.   How ever no matter what changes you make if members / regulars don't play  it will not fill.

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Even like 3 people can get the server hopping. Regulars see 3 in the server and hop in which gets it up into that 5-8 range people look for in the server browser.


I usually sit in the server if I'm not gonna cmm and try and lure peeps in but I'm distracted by missions lately.

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