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GC - Ringers league

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I just realized something.  I went to change my roster up a bit, and realized every player not owned is on waivers......WHY?  I've never seen a league use this option.  No Free Agents??

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Then yeah - works like this.


Wednesday: All players are free agents minus those that had claims put in for them earlier (which are claimed and stuck on whoever's team claimed them)

Thursday: Players still free agents. Once the Thrs night game begins all players on those two teams flip over to waivers and will stay there until Tuesday 11:59pm whatever timezone.

Friday: Everyone else still free agents.

Saturday: Everyone else still free agents. When the Saturday games start up the players on those teams will flip over to waivers until Tuesday 11:59pm after gametime.

Sunday: Rinse/repeat just like above. Once a game starts, the players involved flip over to waivers until Tuesday 11:59pm

Monday: Same thing for Monday night dudes.

Tuesday. Everyone should be on waivers.




You drop someone. They go on waivers for two days no matter when you drop them. For example. It's Wednesday, and you make a waiver claim for some dude. If you are successful you get your guy and whoever you marked to drop on your team is then dropped. Even though it's free agent Wednesday your just dropped guy hits waivers for two days and won't be a free agent until Friday. I imagine you can hit situations where a guy that is dropped on a Saturday and would normally be a free agent on Monday has their team playing on Sunday so they stay on waivers until Wednesday. Not sure if that's the case but wouldn't surprise me.


Also teams that are on a bye week are different.



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