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Do you hate mountains too? then come play the new custom on Friday 10/23/15

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Jackie put another custom map on the server

I Hate Mountains



Friday night, 10/23/15, will be running the map on server #2, around 8:30pm or 9pm est


Download the map now, go to link above for information


I will almost definitely be there, but if I am not, can another admin please post if he/she will be available as well?

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Wish I could have stayed and played this!


It's always tough with new maps, compared to ones we have done a thousand times and know every single inch of.   Just have to learn the map.


Not sure my schedule tonight, but an admin can try to run it again, see if it works or crashes again.

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Campaign is easy but the finale..Hmm, its way too survivor sided. No hittables, water is shallow, hardly any cover for infected. Everyone will camp in the water and and there you go. Everybody survives.

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