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GC's CSGO: Saturday Night Customs Christmas edtion! (help wanted!)


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Ok all you case hoarders out there!   Here's your chance to give back.   If you so desire to play Santa.  Trade me a case ( or cases) with matching keys.  We will gather a pot to dole out on the 5th!   Who knows if we get enough going  there may be multiple winners!


ALSO You are welcome to donate any 10+ dollar skins if you would like I can come up with some reasons to give them away   :D




so thats a case and key for that case or a $10+ skin   if you want to donate!   Trade it to myself and "we will go down in history" as the Rudolph song goes.  


You really want to be here 





 TBT    1 shadow case/key    4 chroma2 cases/keys

Farberio  4 shadow cases/keys

Slim  2 shadow cases/keys

Onyx- $20  in the steam store/ games/ skins/ cases/keys whatever!

Haven- falchion case/ key 



 5 shadow cases w/ keys

4 chroma cases w/keys

1 falchion  case w/ key

$20 steam store  

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