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Gauging Interest in a Conquer (risk style) 3 v 3 CSGO Tournament


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Looking to see if we can get 4  teams of   3  (+1 backup player) 


10 rounds to win instead of 16  for expedient play.


A site only


Rules listed below proposed map.






Each team gets 2 challenges a week for a Saturday or Sunday  time slot.  (this could put you playing as many as 8 times!)  




Green team issues 2 challenges(2 games)

Red  issues 2 challenges to Green (4 games)

Yellow Issues 2 challenges to Green (6 games)

Purple issues 2 challenges to Green (8 games)     this is possible but not likely



If for some reason you can't get 3  on an appointed Saturday you can only forfeit the first 2 challenges.....any other would have to be withdrawn.

proposed game times  Noon eastern till 6 pm eastern on Saturdays and if agreed upon matches can be played on Sundays or week nights.


If one team challenges another and loses  Then the other team gains the land challenged from.


Terrorist can travel through B site but can only plant on A site



This is not complete  feel free to add anything or point out any potential problems you see.














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How are teams determined? 


Who's going to keep track of the map (if there really is to be a map) of wins and who has which territory.  (Maybe I'm thinking to much Risk and not enough CS:GO.)


I like the idea and could see months of gameplay until their is just one victor on the map.   Maybe  we could allocate a chuck of Sunday to these challenges.  That would speed things up a bit.



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Sounds like tons of fun, but I would have a tough time dedicating weekends to play...  :(

Doesn't have to be a weekend thing for sure.  Could just let teams coordinate with each other/ but if I team could not get their 3  or (1 back up and 2)  within 7 days of issued challenge then they should forfeit.  If they can make a for sure  set in stone date and the challenging team can't make that date then they reset for a week to try again.   

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Well this idea seemed pretty cool even though I don't play CS anymore.  Too bad there wasn't enough interest to get it off the ground.  I would say if xt is a team they only need to start with one territory...make them fight uphill since they would probably win anyway (unless something has drastically changed since I quit playing!)  

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