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Some Statistical Analysis - Infected!

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I wonder if there is a way to see successful tank rocks thrown.


It's tracked in the Rank Awards, so the stats are there.  They just don't display for everyone.  Wonder if someone with knowledge of the backend could shine some light on this.  I could do another spreadsheet with all of the misc stats like tank rocks, and scattering ram chargers and witches crowned.

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It seems I was wrong about Pain from Above, on the official source mod site that has made those stats that are being tracked, it says this:

  • Hunter award from Pain From Above (default damage >= 15) and Death From Above (default damage >= 25) pounces.


Also some other things the stats track and what they are:

  • Boomer blindness and award from a Perfect Blindness (default 4 survivors.)
  • Tank Sniper (hit a survivor with a rock) and Bulldozer (default damage >= 200.)
  • Charger Scattering Ram (default 4 survivors.)

The italicized words are what you see under stats being tracked.


Now, whether or not Jackie has changed any of these "defaults" is beyond me.

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Admins are in green.  Enjoy!

Damn Soup must have taken my admin spot since he is green and I am not on the list... :(



I added you in.


(Is Soup not an admin?)


Thanks :D and no to Soup

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