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Abusive Admin on CS:GO servers

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So today i was playing with a few friends on your csgo servers, when my friend was suddenly banned permanently for saying the following: "My house is a Christian Establishment" commenting on his personal life, NOT the server. So basically he wasn't breaking ANY rules. Now i really didn't like this admin very much anyway. Later, I continued on the server. Until this happened: post-6498-0-65765700-1454133420_thumb.jp So now I'm confused. First, my friend is banned for talking about his own life. Then, he starts slapping somebody repeatedly for about 2 whole rounds, and for no good reason.

Hope that this gets resolved ASAP. To be honest, some of my least favorite people on servers are abusive staff, which basically kills my mood to even play on that server, and what good's a server with no players?


Just doing my part to make this community better. 


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Looks like he was afk to me *hence the afk manager warning before the slaps and after....  As far as the other thing went  well that's supposed to be handled in the banned forums .......and I'm moving this there now........ as this is not a unban request as far as I can tell  I'll just ask crasx about dropping by here.....

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yup that was me. both of you were warned multiple times about not using foul language, there are multiple messages in chat telling you the server rules. He was banned when he said something along the lines of "this is a christian server no gays allowed!"


the ban was 60 minutes



and yes i slapped that guy while he was afk, signaling to the other team he was. I would have stopped if he had stopped moving

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