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Permanently banned for griefing? 02-01-16

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I've been enjoying playing L4D2 10 v 10 on your servers. I just joined this past December and it has renewed my interest

in the game when I was about to quit playing. I find the games to be fun, fast paced and very competitive.


Just sat down to play a game and found myself to be permanently banned for griefing. An admin named Meant?

banned me @ 02//01/16  00:40


Before I ask how this came to be, I did consult the Guide for requesting an Un-banning.


Information: kellerj1 is the only name I've ever used. It's not very original and doesn't reference anything. It's just me.

Banned 02/01/16 00:40  I'm not sure exactly which gamrs.co !buy L4D2 server that said event occurred on. But if

I'm reading it right, I've been permanently banned from all of them.


What happened: This is where it gets confusing for me. Not sure. Obviously something I did was interpreted as

griefing and I can't offer when or where or on what map that it happened on.


Responsibility: Not trying to dodge anything here. I feel like I've appeared in a police line up and I've been identified

for something I didn't do.


Apologize: Sincerely stated apology is best bet here according to the guide.  I'm sorry...


Flatter:  I got banned before when I was new for rushing. I didn't agree with it because I didn't feel like I was rushing.

But I took the punishment like a man and didn't complain. It was for only 1 day and I went outside instead and enjoyed

the day light.


Behaviour for better:  I have a microphone but I never use it. Maybe I should start using it. I don't hang around or read

any of the forums...until now.


Thank you

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Welcome to the forums, kellerj1.


Meant will come here shortly and address this. 

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Hey kellerj1, thanks for coming to the forums.


During Dead Center map 3 you jumped off of the walkway on the top floor (killing yourself) and then leaving. There were still 3 or 4 people alive fighting a tank, the round still going. This is suiciding and considered griefing. 

Leaving is fine as this still leaves the bot or another player who joins. 


Thanks for the great apology and post!

I will go ahead and unban you just please dont do this in the future. And please come to the forums theres lots of great stuff here!!

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