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Guys I need your honest opinion about recovering injury/fitness regime


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I have been trying to workout but since I broke my radius bone in Nov.  I have to limit the amount of weight on any upperbody exercise that puts pressure on my wrist, since its attached by a plate.   I used to be able to do 80 pushups no problem.  Now I can do maybe 25 inclined.  I need advice on how I can get toned without injuring myself again.  Ive been doing crunches, trying to 50-100 per days with 1-2 off per week.


Anyone else have suggestions.


Please dont judge my body just need help, on what to focus on.   And its hard to me to get to a gym (only weekends).   I try to ride my bike whenever I can.  My health is really important but that injury really messed up my workout regimen.





and this was before accident






Also should I invest in this :


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Crunches are good for getting a beefy upper stomach, not so much getting toned.

I'd suggest a strict diet with intense cardio if you want that tight skin,

If you're looking to gain, that wrist will be needed, I had a few forearm injuries myself working out every now and then, usually from trying to curl too much.


You want help on what to focus on but that is really something you should decide since its your body, you know look how you want to look.

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