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FFO 2016 Official Seat Chart

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1) This chart may change. Work with us if that happens. Those that registered earliest get dibs, in order of registration, on re-arranged seating.

2) All of the tables are going to be 6' long

The following seats are open for reserve:





The unmarked seats are currently closed for reservation

The remaining seats will open once we go over 64 registered.

As depicted, all tables, we have room for 112 people. If by some chance the count goes over there is a hospitality room that we can use for extra space.

Naturally if we come in well under 100 there will be some table shuffling to make everyone more comfortable, etc.

When you register be sure to include a seat choice!

If you are trying to group up with other people to sit together, make a note of it when registering. I'll be stamping out seat fires as needed when people register. First come first serve as far as choices go...



C01 - JibbaJabba

C02 - BigBoss


D05 - Wes

D06 - Trina

D09 - Mav

D10 - Marvin

D13 - Renegade

D14 - Palmer a.k.a. Majestic Diamond Man

D15 - Kurtz




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