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Looking for Table Top Players and squad, and AoE 2 see details inside

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Table Top simulator-  Would love to get a group going on it.  Fun times , beer, chat, buttwhoopery    If you don't know what TTS is then check it out- summer sale price- 9.99


specific games I want to play on TSS-  Hero Quest, WoT:loC(my own creation)  Phase 10 .....plus more....... and willing to play whatever you want




Squad.....its an alpha....but its fun and pretty well playable with new upgrades inbound  the only downside is the price tag - reg 40.00 but 30.00 on sale right now



Age of Empires 2 ( with all 3 expansions) oldie but a goldie - we have about 4 who play but are seldom all on at once.   We usually vs the CPU   on  moderate or hard setting pending on who's playing 



Add me-  on steam or ask questions here if interested.





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AoE haven't played in forever, but I'm down for TableTop!  Maybe even download AoE2...  maybe.

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I just picked up Table Top Simulator. I look forward to playing this with y'all.

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