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ARMA 3 BattleRoyale


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Well thanks to a couple members of GC, I ended up getting hooked on H1Z1...specifically battleroyale.  But by the time I found interest in BR, many of the GC folks had given up on the game.


Well I played for a few months and got very uninterested since Daybreak is taking their sweet time fixing major issues with the game.  At some point I was watching one of my favorite twitch channels and they were playing a Battleroyale for ARMA 3.  I got super excited for a couple reason.


First, The person who developed BR for H1Z1 is the same person who created the BR mod for Arma 3. 

Secondly, ARMA 3 has what H1Z1 doesn't.....realistic gameplay with a ton of weapons and accessories you can use on them.  This is something Arma 2 DayZ had that I miss a lot.


Anyways, I've been playing this for a while and was curious if anyone from GC plays this version of Arma 3?  I'd like to play with a couple members because right now I'm stuck doing ranked battles which don't allow you to team...and those servers usually don't have a new game going except once every 30-45 mins (meaning if you die early in 1 game, you may have to wait a while before playing on that type of server).  There are a lot more regular servers available to play on because teams are allowed.  Anyways I miss playing with GC members, so let me know!

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