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Getting a new phone


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you're probably one of those people that has more than 1 tab open at any given time


what's wrong with you people


Says the guy that can't eat, text, and drive a stick shift at the same time. Pfft. 

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If you are worried about the music thing I recommend google music. I pay $10 a month for unlimited music and you can use it with your phone. For data preservation you can create playlists and I think google music will cache stuff you listen to a lot. You can also upload your own music to it and create playlists with them.


I got my music from my dad's huge collection of CD's from back then. I tried Google play and it was ok.

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my phone only charged to 50% the last couple nights. I thought I would need a new one. Then I reverted the os to the previous nightly and it charged fine. Maybe I like this phone so much because its basically like running linux?

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