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TbT's week of TeRRoR review week14:halvzies

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This update is half last week and half of this......since its .....4 days late..... 




CSG0:  Played 8 CMM's last week.   5-2-1 record....not to bad.   SNC's was short kinda sweet....but ahhh short


Squad:  I've had a run of bad bad bad teams here over  the course of about 10 maps...like 1 win ....9 lossess.....why are people so bad?




  • CSGO Monopoly     Limit,Mustard,Rythmic...and myself....... Mustard is the Donald Trump of condiments.
  • Chess    Reomet...... I was playing my pizza more than the board though :D
  • Scrabble   Reomet again....though he plays like a vulture to win :P




Whats next?   Well I'd love to work in some more  CMM's  , find some good squad games, and I'm trying to organize a 5 man Hero Quest team on table top.....leemme know!

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