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TbT's Week of TeRRoR Review Week 15: Cap it off

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Wheeelp time to cap off that short week.  No ground breaking new things in life so I'll hop right into the gaming





D2:LoD Perfect drop mode:  I now have 6 out of 7 classes into slayer phase (all save Assassin)    Began working on Nightmare difficulty with a few of them.


CSGO: Started terrible 1-4 finished   4-7 over all .  SNC was a  flop.  TY san, CID, UC, Robbob and whoever else showed up.


TTS:  Many fun games here

  • Scrabble  2-3 more games...
  • Pictionary had a some great laughs......(PLeasure    lulz)
  • Settlers of Catan  so far has been the big draw,     Chick, Reomet, Arkive, Mustard, Rythmic, TbT, Marvin....
  • Hero Quest.   Still looking 4 confirmed willing nerds..errr participants in a campaign of 10 epic quest :P

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I'm down for Hero Quest, seams like Catan is dominating the playtime right now since everyone knows how to play.  Won't be on tonight but will be back Sat and Sun night.

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