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TbT's Week of TeRRoR Review Week 16: New Name in Intense gaming

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SCRABBLE!  Yes I said scrabble.  I'll go into detail about that below.  Hi  and welcome to week 16's  gcflog.  GCFLOG?  Is that what this is ...... idk I just put it there.

 Like spaghetti  noodles who's readiness is in doubt I'll fling that on the wall and see if it sticks.  Anyways  I worked about 68 hrs this week/weekend and still somehow in my zombie

state played plenty-o-games.  Prepare yourself, blood boiled and women weeped during our epic battles in what will go down as a historic week of action in the annals of GC history.



CSGO:  SNCs.....oh yeah NM,......... CMM  had some banging good times and I dont really recall the record  coming off that half week but  Sunday we played Office and Italy.....Yes I

said Italy....may explain the pasta analogy in the opening.  Mmm I'm hungry.   Pardoning my stomach I'll just say we went 2-0 on those forsaken Hostie maps. GG's well played.


Thinking hard...... realizing I didnt play any other games other than TSS so we're moving on ...and btw if you've not noticed if I'm not rushed for time  I tend to type these things out as I'm thinking.. but that makes no sense you always type out thoughts....but ah....well I guess you know what I mean.....tangents man TANGENTS


Now I'm remembering that I did play  AoE2 (^ see how that works) . Two games both on hard both wins on blackforest.   Myself and Reo 2 v 2     and add Mustard for the second game for 3 v 3... I do remember Reo being extra vengeful  because of some losses he and Mustard incurred with out me.


TTS-     WARNING  TTS tanget lulz    Catan....  I now have Catan on my phone.... on my work pc ( look up Catan Universe website) WARNING TTS CATANGET- I'm too lazy to find that exact address right meow.


  • Catan- Mustard and Myself playe with 3 randoms..mics were awful..just let us outta here.  Teamed up with Reo for a 3 man Catanoff.  Reo won...I was oooooo so  close but no dice.  Andros just invited me to a CMM...hah CSGOGENT -....denied
  • PIctionary.....multiple games of badly drawn penises what more can I say?  Seriously though it can be a real hooooot




Scrabble.  Probably gonna be banned in several countries after me and Reomet Tied..... a friggin tie in scrabble.   Reo had an 18 point lead and I had like 3 letters left he had four.  It was my go.  I played a 14 point word using all of my remaining letters and he had to subtract 4 pts for the letters he held....boom tied  191  v 191 vs Mostard..... get it ....he can't spell       *rimshot*        Later on Reo would take me down in his typical wait for tbt to bust some 5-6 letter words and then sweep in  and play off the points.... vulture man   VULTURE     btw that last game was the most 1 off game I've had in long time...... I had some real almost humdingers but was always 1 letter short.   All my good words fell on bonus letter scores and not word scores and I'll run on this sentence just to say I'm sorry for any overly corny things or what have you but  its my bed time and I'll cry if I want to.  Night Night *sobs*

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