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TbT's week of TeRRoR review week18: Do it for the old Lunkster ...Folks

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HEYOOOOO week 18 in the books what happened?   Well most of you COMPLETELY BLEW your opportunity to try Squad via the free weekend.....more on that below.   Otherwise Imma let you all know I'll probably be scarce this week as I need mucho hours at work/ christmas/ heat/gas bill/ car troubles





D2:LoD-Perfect Drop Mod-   Finally completed Assassin  and move her into Nightmare with everyone else.   BTW  My Paladin  is  roxxxxor  lvl 57 atm.



CS:GO   SNCS ( did no play  see  Squad entry for the why)    CMM - played mucho mucho  matches.  I didn't track my/teams record but I feel like it was above .500    



Squad   Free to play weekend.   Had fun with Lunk and Mustard.  Mustard being the only person this week to actually buy squad after playing and liking it.    Lunk found the game to be difficult.... we all did in the beginning.  I feel like iti s a lot more realistic then your  BF's and whatnots. Missed customs cuz Mustard just got the game going right before SNC's started and I did not want to abandon him there that was before 9 pm.....we stoped playing after 3 am :D   I led one squad to victory and then turned Mustard loose on the next 2 maps to lead us to another 2 victories.    My only complaint about  Mustdards SL  abilities is that he did not use the work FOLKS enough.......... 573 times on Logar  is NOT ENOUGH :P   I love mustard the codiment and tolerate mustard the squad leader  :propeller:

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