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TbT's week of TeRRoR review week19 and 20: Stuffed

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 Two week extravaganza! 



CSGO: nothing to specific- missed the last 3 SNC's  and have played many many many CMM's had some days we couldn't buy a win and others where things went great.   I did spend some time trying to work some bugs out of the csgo pub  vote/ map system.


AoE2:  played 2 games   one was a 3 v 3 on hard win for mustard myself and reo the other was a  3 vs 3 vs 2  LUaKRIS ( in game spelling) map .......lag city but we  played for hours.... I dont think we won or lost.....we just quit out I believe.


TTS:  I finally won a game of Catan (slaughtered it actually 10 -4-3 )after so many close calls then I almost went back to back .......until Mustard made a terrible TERRIBLE trade to Reo that sealed the game.  If the game got back to me I was going to win  again.


Squad:  I played so much squad so many stories to tell.  To many actually.  I have scored higher and better this week than any others and looks like I will continue playing squad as my #1 game for the next bit.




Rust... I'm thinking we could make another rust -run some time soon.



Super Smash Bros Wiiu-  My son received for his birthday...have not been dissapointed.  The only thing outside of a handful of CMM invites thats pulled me from squad is SMB's /with son and daughter.

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