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TbT's week of TeRRoR review week 22: Scratch Pad Edition

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Ok so in the previous few weeks I've been lax on details.     Well this past week I kept a handy scratch pad on my desk and I've discovered I play games entirely too much :D






  • players  Devious, Jack Burton, Mikey, C.I.D.      1-0-1
  • players , can't remember   0-2


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare


I finished 4th in a 32 man  Free For All.  I was quiet impressed I could do that since  I hadn't played in a year or so.  I also had some fun in my team based objective games.  6 games total





I've played almost all the maps now and I can say  They have remodeled almost every favorite spot I had on each map....sux




played 2 games early in the week   1-1


Saturday games  I played   Yehorivka,  Fools Road, First Light, Chora, and Logar   In two of these games I played as medic which killed my KDR   my total after these five was 26-31     record 3-2



  • Fates, Nivi, Mustard, Reo,Tbt     Lost   I was the last man standing
  • Mustard, Reo Fates, Turn     Win
  • Mustard Reo Turn                 Win
  • Mustard Reo  nivi , Turn        Lost
  • Reo Tbt                                  Win
  • Reo Tbt                                  Win
  • Reo, Tbt, Nivi                         lose
  • Mustard, Fates, Nivi, Turn     lost
  • Mustard, Fates, Nivi, turn      lost

All games played on hard 




  • FOLDED STORY- first play  and played twice  really funny game.  I enjoyed it alot.  Mustard, Reo, Tbt, Arkive
  • Pictionary -  Had a lot of laughs over many rounds during 3 different sessions.  Reo, Turn, Mustard, Nivi, Arkive
  • Settlers of Catan     tbt, Mustard, Reo, Nivi.......   7 games   winners   Tbt(2)  Mustard(3), Reo (2)

Also I started a trial run of INFESTATION SURVIVOR STORIES: THE NEW Z  I will comment on that in a seperate post on this same section of the forums.  Also want to go ahead and point out here that it is free to play.  See my dissection of it on the other thread coming soon!

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