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A turnbull TeRRible game review: INFESTATION: The New Z (Free to play)

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What is Infestation the new Z?  Well for starters lets talk about the old  z.   As in WarZ


The devs had the change the name of Warz to   INFESTATION: Survivor stories because of copy right issues.



WarZ/ INF:SS's was a huge money grab  by some greedy devs...   You bascially had to buy in game currency with real money to realistically play the game.   They have changed all that now to a more suitable system.



In the old warz days you had 2 currencies.   Real money bought money called GC  and in game money you picked up from zombies.    



So true  to their words on this new model of the orginal game   I've browsed the market and all essential items now take in game currency and not  the currency bought with real money.  They have now correctly swapped them out so that the real money stuff only buys skins and special stuff that is nowhere essential to play-ability.



The Graphics-..........potatoe........not great


The loot: My god there is loot everywhere  ( previously the game  was scarce on guns but now.....they are literally all around)  This could be subject to change.


The AI:  The AI is ultra agressive ( no changes here)


The sound: Terrifying in a good way.




So here goes.  I will write out exactly  what happened when I played last night.



Loads into beginner server.....


I awoke standing in forest glade.  As I panned around ( in third person view btw)   I saw that was standing in a valley between modest hills.  At the head of the valley  there appeared to be some fenced in compound.  The other end of that valley was obscured by forest.   Naturally I take off towards the compound playing with my flashlight.   As I neared the compound I notice there is definitly something wrong.    There are two dead bodies impaled at the gate.  Where these zombies?   Were they people?  I slid on up and into the gate.  It was a military encampment/ quarantine area.   Apparently this area had been overrun.   I sauntered up to an RV and grabbed some cabbage and mints off the seat and dash.   Then I made my way a little further into the camp to a table  and there lay a Steyr aug......and on the ground behind it  a M249..hmmm .  They Aug was empty  but the light machine gun had one hundred rounds.  Then I heard the awful sound.  Wailing...growling... gnashing......and unmistakable shuffling of zombie feet.   Around the corner came four zombies.   They sounded tinkled and hungry.  I took off not wanting to shoot them because it sounded like there were many many more behind them.  Aggro-ing a herd is not what I want at this time.  I look around and hop up onto a  transfer truck trailer.  The zombies follow but cannot get up on top of the flatbed trailer.  I take out my handy dandy  flash light  and kneel down.  BASH BASH BASH BASH BASH into the heads of the reaching zombies.  Mag lights are awesome :).   After dispatching those initial four zombies I make my way down to loot them.   I got some money and a M9 helmet.   One zombie was a a cop.  The others were two  soldiers and a civilian.  I looted around a bit more grabbing some more ammo, food, and weapons attachments. I was very careful not to aggro the  other zombies near bye.... but then it happened.  I saw another gun close to the pen where a lot of zombies had been kept.  Hmm looks like an AK-47... of course I couldn't help myself.  I slid up to the fence went over and grabbed it........and a zombies attention....he made a blood curdling sound  which grabbed about six more zombies attentions.  I took off running  like my tail was on fire.  Of course I have four guns on me and ammo to boot... so once I got some decent distance from them   I turned and had a little target practice.    After dispatching  my pursuers  I made my way back up through and out the opposite end of the valley and unto an overgrown road.  I popped out my handy map and located the nearest safe zone.   Then  I started the boring walking simulator.  I took to cover shadowing the road from a distance  until I reached my destination. The  Lonely pines  safe zone.  A small town build on stilts to keep the zombies out.  I find a merchant there and my global vault.  I put away 3 out of 4 guns along with all of my extra food and assorted junk before I unceremoniously log out and go to sleep.     

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Ok time to expand upon this.  Also I will b giving some tips.



Another item of note is that you can rent private servers in game- very convenient.  IDK know if other games offer this but its pretty nice option to have.


Issues:   I have a problem loading into servers.  It may take me 7-8 tries sometimes to get in a server, but once I'm in its all  good. This isnt a universal problem only a few peeps  have it apparently.


One of the biggest changes made to the game from the original is that you can unload all your inventory loot into your global vault when you log.  Before in the older version of the game you had to make a long hike back to a safe area to do this.  That makes a huge difference.  The game is pretty much exactly the same as it was before but I think there are a little  less zombies because of the addition of super zombies.


Standard Zombie tactics   If you aggro a zombie or five run backwards ( if that way is clear if not find a space so you can safely backpedel)  As they gain on you wack them in the head with prerrably a brother hood staff if not a samuri sword.  This is the safest way to deal with them but note that if too many are chasing you you cannot hit them all and you will take massive hits and probably die fast.  So if you agro too many to handle get to jump-able high ground let them gather and wack them in the head.  Farming zombies is fun.  Also if you have a nade and a flare or /smoke  its fun to toss a flare/smoke into an area with lots of zombies thus attracting them all to that spot.  Simply nade them as a group...exp exp exp money money money  ....


Super Zombies



To fight one you'll need a light machine gun or 2 with full 100 round mags.......or you could go with other rifles but you'd need a crap ton of clips ( not advisable)


Also you cannot go toe to toe with a super.  Maybe if you had 4 friends with LMG's  you could but 1 or 2 guys alone nadda chance.   You have to find some jump-able high ground where the super zombie cannot hit you. Also note that on top of cars is not enough he can still hit you.  On top of ambulances and firetrucks I think is ok.    Taking down a super zombie  give tons of exp  and d lots of loot drops.  Supers are unmistakable from normal zombies.  They are bigger and their steps sound like an elephant stomping. Also  they sometimes emit a blood curdling scream.




Right now I have 3 characters and all of them are  logged at prime locations.   The airfield, Norad Military base, and Boulder City.   I can log each and make runs  in each great location taking down 7-8 supers in a run. 

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