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TbT's week of TeRRoR review week 23-25: NEW YEAR NEW SERVER

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Alrighty busy holiday schedule  and pure laziness have combined to create a 3 week rundown




Games played the last three weeks  some quick summaries others will be expanded



AoE2-  a few games  Reo on vacation slowed us down some

CSGO- Many CMM's   In fact I think I've won 7 out of last 8

TableTopSim- CATAN CATAN    CATAN     WInners  Mustard, Reo, Turnbull   

RUST-  below

Infestation:the New Z still fun just no friends :P

Super Smash Bros  - wend down to the wire but Father and Son combo was Victorious

Mario Kart 8-  the battle mode.....where the heck are the fun arenas?   We battled on regular tracks...dissapointed in that but game is fun still








As you probably know if you are reading this we now have a Rust server.   It runs great.  Mucho Smoootho.  The player count is gradually rising and I think we've already befriended 1 or 2 new peeps who I'd consider to be keepers.   Right now on the server 3 bases are dominating the landscape.    Non-GCmember Faith easily has the most imposing base by size while  My base and Lunk/Limits bases are very spread  and imposing as well.  


Heli battles


We have had 7 Heli battles now.     Four attempts with 4-man groups  failed.   1 Attempt with an 8-man was successful.   Then we had 2 attempts with 10/11ish  that were both successes.   Had a lot of fun!







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