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Fast Note on Rushing


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Obviously rushing messes up the game for everyone in the server.  Generally our admins warn the person, wait to see if they come back, kick or ban if necessary.


The problem is that once someone rushes too far, even if the person is kicked or even if they intend to return when they are told the rules, they end up getting killed by the infected.  This messes up the round for both teams, as it makes the survivor team have less people and the infected team get tank points faster than they should.


Just a note to everyone that admins will try to teleport rushers back prior to kicking or warning them.  This may sometimes result in an infected losing an easy kill, but understand this helps balance the game for everyone.


Also, if a rusher does die, admins can respawn them also.  We just dont want 1 or 2 people who do not understand the rules to mess up a round or campaign for 20 people playing.

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In a lot of cases, this is the most fair execution of our philosophy on the server.  No one likes a rusher.  Infected love them, but the whole "one bad apple" idiom?  Apples here (insert Dixie groan here).


Teleporting a rusher back and kicking them not only rids the server of a potential griefer (I say potential because they could just be oblivious to where their team is, pass a point of no return and cannot rejoin their team), but undoes the possible damage they could have done for their team.  I created a command for admins to use that allows them to teleport a rusher back to where they're aiming and immediately kick the player from the server so the bot is back with the rest of the team.  I hope it will alleviate some of the fumbling around they have to do by having to quickly type in 2 commands, account for typos and get back in the game in a timely manner.

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