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TbT's week of TeRRoR review week 27: War on the horizon

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Hello hello   welcome to my glorious hovel!   Today I will discuss whathappend and a quick snippit on whats going to happen. Do enjoy!





TTS- CATAN   Reo, Mustard, TbT,     Reo and MUstard winners  pooh to them


AoE2- Lost first go around, new map style so many avenuse to defend....me not super fond of- Nivi, tbt , mustard, Reo   ( win) but 2 vs 4  dumbed down opponets  after Nivi and Reo capitulated        then  tbt, Fates, Reo, Mustard

 Win ... YAY




Rust Hilights-   If you didnt catch some of the videos you should.   Watching Killer walk over land mines right after Clony telling him where they are is priceless  entertainment.  We had raiders and bush wacking counter-raiders all in one vid.


We also have a Melee arena   and held a double elimination tournament.  Clony was the Victor who surged from the losers bracket to defeat Kaya (Dragon fire)   2x's for the Championship.   The field included:








Zero Degrees



We also aslo have a face-off style killing field for good ole team vs team gun fights. - Good stuff





Whats up and coming?     Rust At War! See details in the RUST subforum


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