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I feel the need to post again on this issue.


Remember, GC offers gaming servers to everyone.  We welcome all.  We provide a fun place to play.  We provide a place where players will not be subjected to ridicule, name-calling, etc.


I know it can be tough when new players are on a team with a lot of regulars.  The regulars get annoyed because the new players do not use the buy menu, or do not follow strategies the way the regulars have been doing after playing the same maps thousands of times.  But GC welcomes all players.  If you want to be a regular on our server, if you want to be a member of GC, if you want to be an Admin of GC, then help new players, don't chase them away.


Yelling "use the buy menu!" or "ask for points!" to new people is not a help.  Either leave them alone or bring them along slowly.  Certainly do not scream at them, do not talk down to them.  If you want to only play with other members, play during times that the server is full of members.


Admins, make sure to police this on the server.  No one should be treated in a rude way.  Kick or ban when this happens.  



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I believe you forgot to mention people get uh angry(?) i guess not because new players don't know about the points system but because they don't know the map and end up running back or staying close to safe or rush thinking I'll be to safe room first or whatever.


When that happens i tell the new guy to play single map then rejoin the server when he knows the map layout, admins may not like it but its how most of gc members started.

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It is about how they are treated.  Yelling at people, ridiculing them, talking down to them is not acceptable.  Also there is a difference between a "new" person breaking the rules and not understanding our points system or not understanding our strategies.  When someone rushes, they are breaking our rules.  Yelling at them is still not acceptable, but, if I am there, I will teleport them back explain the "no rushing" rule and give them a second chance.  If they do it again, they are kicked or banned.


Again, lets not confuse breaking our rules (rushing, not making forward progress, cursing, etc) with not using or knowing the points system.  


If someone doesnt ask for points, doesnt use !heal or !getup, they do not deserve to have 5 people yelling at them.

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Yes, it should always be that way.  Players should never be disrespectful of any other players.  That is why we do not allow name-calling, cursing, etc.  It creates the wrong atmosphere.  Just remember, sometimes it is meant in a joking matter between regulars.  


If an admin is doing it, let me know, or talk to the admin and remind them nicely to relax.  Generally, admins shouldn't kick other admins.  If you think I am being rude or unfair, feel free to tell me.

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