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TbT's week of TeRRoR review week 29,30,31,32 & 33: Mi scusi!

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Its been a grand ole 5 weeks.



I'll sum up the previous 4 weeks real quick



GC-Rust server-  We had 3 contest that tested our skill, will, sanity, and humanity.   What we learned over the course of these three contest is that sanity and humanity are in short supply.



ICE vs FIRE-   with out shaming or naming winners I'll have to say this was a hard fought contest that  was neck and neck for 80% of 2 weeks  the Last 20% turned into a lil bit of a landslide


Headhunters-  This one ran pretty smooth as well though teams were hit and miss and participating team members......or not..... was sketchy   It was also contested fairly well


East vs West vs  Rando's -  East vs West fizzled while  some hardcore raiding randoms forced us to band together and take them out.  That was short lived....fun but short lived



The future-  As of now the server is only being used for test builds ( I can give kits upon request)     If you did not play or at least try to play  you missed out on a great opportunity to expand this community.    As we tried patiently for roughly 6 weeks  to get the server going we were ultimately unsuccessful and will let the server expire  ( barring a miracle)  on March 28th



TTS-  Tbt strong armed a victory over Mustard and Reo :P


CSS- Played 4 matches and went   2-1-1  with the likes of  Zed, Undercover, Tony, Mikey,Yoshi, Willi,CID     D2, D2,  Cache, Overpass


Squad-  Reo, Mustard, Myselfl- mucho fun.  Looking hard for 5ish more players so when we play we can make our own  discorded- squad


D2:Lod- perfect drop mod.-  Level  80+ Paladin    In Hell on Hell difficulty.

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I was pressed for time  earlier



Also played AoE2 with 6 live players.  TbT, Mustard, Reomet, Fates, Drew and Sixsomething..... vs hardest AI  2 wins after our corners folded  :P

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