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Hey long time no see

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Just checking in to say hello.  It's been a very long time since I've played, doubt I have the same skill that I used to, but one day I'll be back on.


My life has changed a bunch since I last played.  Last time I played, I was working for Raytheon, but they let me go before my probation period was up (2 weeks left).  That was a pretty devastating part of my life since I was so proud to work there and every one of my friends and family knew I got the job there, so when i lost it I caved and didn't speak to anyone for a while, and I didn't even play any PC games except H1Z1.


I moved in with my gf and her roommates, and eventually we got our own place after being 9 months unemployed.  Let me tell you, being unemployed sucks.  I applied to at least 300 jobs, tailoring my resume to each job I applied for.  Eventually I landed a job that I am still at, working for Allegiant Air doing Quality Control.  It's a decent job with decent pay, except I haven't received a pay raise in over a year now, so I've been contemplating that situation.


So right now it's just my GF and I, and our 2 dogs.  It was 3 dogs, but one of hers had to be put to sleep, and he was only 5.  To cope, I've been playing more games again, especially after I got a PS4 for my birthday last year.  FFXV is pretty much the only thing I play, but since I over-leveled (lvl 80 in chapter 9), I've just been playing Totomostro mini game trying to get that hard-to-get item.  That got boring after a bit, so I hoped on my PC and started playing Town of Salem.  Fun stuff if you haven't tried it yet!


I bought a new Vid card for my PC so I could play Doom, yet I haven't finished the game since life keeps dragging me away from my guilty pleasure of late night video gaming.


Anyways, hope you all are having fun on the servers still.  I miss playing L4D2, so maybe I'll come back.....maybe.

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