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TbT's week of TeRRoR review week 34: PRIORITIES

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Hello hello did you miss me? 



Last week I spent mucho hours working.   Now if you on steam friends you know I had OOTPBB16 running 24/7.


I was however mostly working and running that in the background.   I have now won the world series 5 times in 30 some years as manager.....yay me!


The weekened loosened up for me though  and I poured my time into D2:LoD.PDM, Squad, Table Top Sim( scrabble,catan)  Csgo:CMM and AoE2



Alrighty I'm going to preface my breakdown with the fact that there are LOTS  and LOTS of things coming to fruition right now.  These things shall be hilighted  



D2:LoD.PDM -   Level 87 ( i think) Paladin still  pounding his way through Hell Difficulty.   May try to breach Travincal soon and destroy Mephisto.   Also I'm trying to figure out how to implement   plug-y  with my PDM mod.


Squad- Numerous games.  Eagerly awaiting Version 9 this week!


TableTopSim-  Lost Scrabble  to Arkive even though I had all the clever stuff.....like always I get nickled and dimed scoring wise though.   Catan.. sweet revenge  I  was Lord of Catan yet again....2  in a row wooot


CSGO:CMM    I think I won 5 lost 2    Also one of those loses was a 0 kill challenge loss 14-16-  one  member of our team scored 0-kills making it 4 vs 5  and we were so close to winning.


AoE:2    Sketchy games near defeats....gallant stuff  really :P


Other things...



NEW ZELDA BREATH  OF THE WILD IS HERE!  may digital DL it tonight on wii-u


NEW PC !   COMING SOON.   The history of me and computers this is tower only ...... 1999   700$ (family pc)     2001 (800$)  my first personal gaming pc   2012  650$  + however much  gtx 560 was at the time and  144hz monitor and additionally a gtx 970  since..... and now drum roll................  2017 tower and keyboard  2000$ wooot my first well  above average PC!



Also shout out to fantasy baseball starting really really soon.



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