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Problems with the points?


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Jackie made an update where killing infected bots won't grant you as much points compared to killing infected human players.


However, I don't think it's supposed to give you no points, so we'll see if that gets fixed.

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The point of this new systen - it don't give infected so many points when there are so few people on - hence buying tanks every minute.  However, unless you're a total expert in coding, you will realise that in trying to fix a problem creates a problem - please be patient - JC and / or Crasx  is not available 24/7 - expect the bugs to take some time to be fixed.

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From what I have deduced, through comparing points before and after, is that BOT:<zombie> will not give you any points if killed, however a headshot still gives 1 extra point as well as a longshot giving an extra 0.5 points for a max of 1.5 points from killing a Bot infected. Killing a bot survivor also only gives you 2 points instead of 5 for a normal player. I believe that healing a bot or reviving a bot gives you only 1 point or 2 rather than 4 for a normal player.


Currently, the display always reads as +0.00, which is just incorrect because you still receive the points. The only problem is that the display is currently broken or incorrect.

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It does seem to be hurtful for trying to heal/pickup bots. But I'm not sure if it's possible to be fair for killing bots as infected either. I'm betting the game/code has no way to differentiate between the two scenarios? It does encourage the "leave the bot" approach. I usually like to let bots help bots unless it's like 2v2 and all you have is bots.

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Hmm... I should make it so helping bots gives you MORE points!


*shifty eyes*



The PrintToChat messages should be fixed now.  I forgot that printing out floating point values as integers don't play nicely and needed to be converted as such.  Healing and reviving bots give the reverted values.  Let me know if they still don't work for whatever reason.

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