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TbT's week of TeRRoR review week 35: Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER

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Hiiiidyyyyyyyyyy hooooooo   and Welcome to my  senseless drivel ridden post of the week!





Whats new?  My super sweet  blazing fast  and graphically up to date  nuclear computer.  I call her Betty.   I have  the lcd screen sided   ibuypower snowblind case.  It's fairly neato but its whats inside that makes me giddy.


Its not the highest of the high in parts but compared to my last 3 computers its a superbeast (relative to their times I mean obviously its a beast just compared to them)


No need to get into ultra specifics but its   latest gen  i7 processor  combined with double the ram of my last pc + invidia's1070 graphics  /  hard drives of SSD and HDD.  


Nothing much really happened last week ( I worked 63 hrs during the week)  I picked up this new PC last friday though and thats where we shall begin.






CSGO:    before the arrival of the new pc my last 10 or so games of CMM   were ALL loses.  Since the new pc has arrived I'm a blazing   9-0....coincidence  I think not. ( ok maybe so but I want to think not :D )  Personally my registration and smoothness has increased so much it was like I was cheating myself before the new pc.



Squad:  oh man squad looks and plays so much smoother with the new pc.   Epic settings......not high.. EPIC.......no chop.  Its like a dream.   Squad .v9 just dropped and its got some quirks a lot of t hings were added so some bugs and learning curve were expected.



Arma III :   Reo bugged, begged and bellowed until I finally installed A3 on my new machine.   It's been fun and  I look forward to more campaigns.  


Funny moment #1   My very first game.  Reo and I were crawling around the hinterland hills towards our objective. ( now if you dont know A3 has a crap ton- CRAP TON  of controls)  I was puttering around until we finally saw the gaurds posted around our objective.  I started skulking about then playing with my binocs/rangfinder, scopes.  Reo had moved a little distance ahead of me.  I hit some keys by reflex from squad I think and some noise happened.  I didnt know what it was at first cuz I was probably looking down at my keyboard and trying to achieve one of the games combination  key push controls.... I said " Reo, I just did something  I don't know what I did but I heard something..."   BOOM    Reo:" I'm dead........."   TbT:  "OMGs  sorry  dude I think I just naded you".... ah the glorious first unintentional TK......good times




Funny moment #2:  Reo downloaded some random player created content.   We heli  taxied to our main camp and were sitting around prepping when the helicopter decided to flilp over and explode very near to us almost killing both of us.

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