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TbT's week of TeRRoR review week 37: Undefeated Streak Continues

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I will preface this with nothing......






CSGO:CMM:   Since getting this new pc  I've not lost a match.  The streak lives on now @ 15 games.   I was thinking it was over.   Garung got DC'd /abandoned 2 rounds into the last match played so we had a bot for basically the entire game but we prevailed.  Did I mention I love this new pc......and playing csgo  now just reinforces that love :D


Squad:  I played in my first squad 24 vs 24 clan match.   I am not  part of a squad clan but was invited as a stand in.  It was fun but the other  clan was not to good.  Pretty much EZPZ.


Arma 3: I finally completed my first dynamic recon scenario solo  with 1 or less deaths and  3 objectives....(that'd be 1 death :P)    I've had a handful of successful  1 obj no-deaths but this was a 4-5 km  on foot and in jeep deep in the jungle master piece.  Mucho fun.  



**  GTA5 possible Spoiler warning*****



GTA V:  Enjoying the story so far but its a lot of the same ole same ole as GTA IV.  Just past the part where Michaels  kid Jimmy drugs him and his family leaves him.  I'd kick that SoB's  @)#($$   especially when I read   his mothers note and she said Jimmy  said  Michael  did the drugs himself and flipped.




Next?    Gonna plan on running a  SNC  planned event!  Lets get the band back together!  Stay tuned






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I picked up squad on sale - exactly as I remember PR, except harder!


Hope to see you out there!

nice nice.   I play on FFO mostly  those guys have the best strats and its fun when most of them play.


I play better on other servers though......probably because they are not as good so I think FFO (when popped) is the best choice

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