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If you thought you knew what rekted really meant, guess again.




No worries, dude. You're not the only one who got "rekted" today. The VIP and I (as hunter) also got "rekted" in this highlight. Brace yourselves for the pain/fails in both of our parts :P




Edit: I saw you make that clip today from my stream of you pouncing me in this finale. You thought I wasn't going to notice it, but I caught that. You almost got away with it ;)

Edited by Carlos
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I love how you shout things at us in the videos but we don't hear it.



Seriously. We need to start a petition to force Carlos to use his mic or else we permaban him. ;)

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Hey, I thought I'd post here to give more viewers a heads-up rather than just placing it on its own section. Plus, it's also related to the title of this thread since I DID get "rekt" by a GC buddy of mine in this game. He got savage on me with his answers lol




Anyways, this game (Jackbox Party Pack 2) was played by me along with my fellow GC peeps. It can be pretty fun :)


Hope you're entertained by the clip I uploaded. Viewer's discretion is advised though: We DID get pretty savage and brutal with our answers. None of this is meant to be taken seriously :)


Edit: btw I'd like to play this game with more of you GC members whenever you're available. This game is FREE for ALL of you guys. It only needs to be bought by the host, which is me. If you're interested, just know that you need to use 2 tabs in order to play this game on any online device.

Edited by Carlos

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