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Since we started tracking our CO-OP server.....

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We have had somewhere around @ least 16,000 unique players but with the countless pages of ties in rank I'm guessing somewhere around 18k    Pretty dang good for a 8 man server :P



or maybe that number is compensated and its really 15,919  either way....nice


that's compared to 23,425 on our CSCO pub


136,029 on l4d2 #1


51,696  on l4d2 #2   ( sure a lot of repeats from #1)


I wonder how many our old CSS server would have.....man I bet it'd be a lot

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I'd be curious on the numbers too.  Judging from the CSS launch date of 2004, apparently Scopeless only lasted 3 years.  The days of old 1.6 though... Man, I still remember the game's old menu...using a WONid instead of a SteamID.


L4D2 on the other hand, albeit it's smaller playerbase from the get-go, has been around for 7+ years (stat tracking 6 years ago).

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