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I was banned, I regret my mistake.


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For not having respected the rules I was banned a year ago, I was going to ask that they remove the blockade, but I was lazy and I started to play other video games.


I am very much fun in this server, much in others and that is why I ask you to forgive me, plzzzzzzzz touches your heart and forgive me for being so sexy and rude.


I may become a member, but I have no money. xd

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Hi Zed

Assuming this is your steamid: 





You have been banned 5 times, the last was permanent


First four bans (all in 2014) were for four different basic infrations of our rules, team switching, rushing, bad spray and cursing.  they all resulted in minor ban times.

you went two years without a ban, then purposely killed yourself on no mercy and you were perm banned (2016)


Since it has been 2 years and you are sort of apologizing, i will unban you.  


However, if you demonstrate a similar disregard for our rules as you did in the past, you will be perm-banned again, no matter what the reason is.


Please follow the rules and become a part of the community.

No Mercy map 1, suicided and left the game
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