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GT New Horizons


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There is a modpack out for Minecraft that me and my buddy have been playing on for a while now. it is called GT New Horizons and there is a good summary of if based on a quick video at the end of this post.


Its a very difficult modpack as explained in the video and has provided us with more than 3-4 weeks worth of content and we haven't even made it to the 3rd Tier shown in the video. If anyone is interested in joining, my buddy can keep the server up to date and open it up for others.

Some things he didn't mention are some of the multiblock structures, which I think are really awesome and can be seen in the video but not really explained.

For example, In order to make a smeltery you need at least a 3x1 hollowed area surrounded by Seared Brick with a Seared Tank for holding lava, which is used to smelt the metals, and a Seared Controller to place in the metals to be smelted. This can be further extended upwards for more smelting space, as long as it there is at least a 3x3 hollwed area all the way down to the bottom of the smeltery.


Anyways, its a fun, aggravating, and enjoyable mod, just thought maybe some people who still play might like to join us or who would like to come back but GC doesn't have a server for it anymore.



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Its quite a lot of fun, this sort of minecraft takes forever, which is nice cause the normal game is too fast. My buddy is already up to magic while Im still barely reaching Tier 3 (Low Voltage).


If anyone wants to join us, just 2 or 3 of us at the moment, show some interest in here and Ill get my buddy to get it updated and back running.

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Oh yeah, it definitely will, there are 200+ mods on it. My buddy has the server updated, Ill pass the IP in a bit, when I figure it out. The game itself takes a while to load too. Make sure that the launcher has at least 5GB dedicated for it, cause this pack will need it.



Server IP:


Yes that is 75 not 65. 

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We will actually be generating a new map so that everyone can start fresh, although we will keep a backup of our old map. So if anyone wants to join, now's the time. Brand new map, absolutely bare.


I'll hop in the Rust discord voice channel, since there is no longer or never was a Minecraft channel, whenever Im on, if anyone wants to check it out.

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