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Responsibility of GC Members


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I am posting this in the L4D2 forum and I understand many GC members are members because of our L4D2 server.  However, this post is to remind everyone that GC is more than a L4D2 server.  The membership is more than a reserve slot on that server.  Once you are a member, we expect you to not only follow GC rules, but to help promote and enforce them.  This does not just mean to yell out when someone is rushing or tell them to stop cursing, but you also have a responsibility to uphold our anti-cheating rules.  If you know someone is cheating or a previously banned person is playing on the server, it is your responsibility to let an admin know.  Purposely helping to hide that information is not something a GC member should do and can result in loss of membership and/or a ban from servers.


A copied portions of past information posts from other board members regarding this:


From Jackie:

What do GC members get over non-GC members?

  • Member reserve kick protection - You won't get kicked to make room for members anymore
  • AFK protection. You won't be kicked for going AFK, but getting moved to Spectate will still happen
  • High Ping Protection
  • Hats!!
  • Access to vote kick commands plus vote kick protection
  • Gain "for fun" RPG levels! Gain an infinite amount of levels, but the amount of EXP you gain per level increases with each one you earn plus fake items that are obtainable for comedic purposes.

Just because you're a member doesn't give you free reign to be a jackass (for lack of a better term). You can get your membership revoked without a refund. If you think the rules are a joke and you disrespect them, by all means make your own community/server and run it how you please. The community rules aren't very complicated. Just because you can be a troll, doesn't mean you should be.


From Flitter

Welcome to Gamerscoalition!

In one form or another, Gamerscoalition has been around for a while. Ten years at least. We're a community of gamers (not a clan) that find value in good sportsmanship (and competition), clean and mature gaming, teamwork, and comradery. Things are good when everyone in the server shows respect, has fun, and works together. 

Admins and Board Members receive no pay; all dues are for the servers, keeping our forums and website rocking, or used for community enhancement.

Our rules (condensed):
- No swearing
- No porn sprays
- No racism, bigotry, or other disrespectful comments
- If you don't have nuthin nice to say, don't say nuthin at all
- Don't argue or debate with admins in game. Use our forums, please.
- All of the above goes for both voice and text comms in-game (or over Vent)
- No Hax. We have zero-tolerance for hacking, auto-aim, etc.
- Just because a game is "mature" does not give you leeway to break any of the above rules even if the game characters do or say "stuff"

This is not a complete list of our rules. A complete list does not exist. You are asked to use your best judgement. GC does reserve the right to remove any member at any time with *no* refunds. Seriously. Good people have been caught red-handed with hax. And they have been shown the door. If you need hax to have fun, this is not the place for you. Also, do not think that being a dues paying GC member cuts you any slack on these rules. If anything we hold Coalition Members and Coalition Admins to *higher* standards.

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I had a good chat with san this morning and we had a good reminisce on when Fatty (one of the founders) was around and running the show. I'll admit those days were before I joined, but I did get a chance to hang out with Fatty and Mom at fragfest about 4 years ago.

GC was meant to be a place where gamers can get together and game without the drama. One of the rules fatty laid out was "don't be a dick". Plain and simple, even though I'm pretty sure dick is changed by our forum swear filter the idea sticks. Don't come around here and start drama, because it sucks to have to deal with. Don't be unfriendly, don't be elitist, don't do things that you would hate to have someone else do to you. PB&J has been doing a great job handling drama and keeping people happy, but if this was still a Fatty-run GC a lot of members would be flat out banned, without question,  because of the drama they have caused.


BUT- No matter what you are/were banned for, Fatty also showed us there is a chance for redemption. In fact two of our active board members were banned before for various reasons. They were also forgiven and became an important part of the community, and I'm going to let you in on "one little secret that board members HATE" (not really, we love this).


The secret/not so secret way to get unbanned is to apologize and show you are worthy of being unbanned. Basic skills that we all should have learned in elementary school. The solution to being unbanned is NOT to make a post yelling at everyone, posting private conversations, and accusing everyone of being corrupt. If I were banned for hacking when I did not hack my post would be something like "Hey, I know I was banned for hacking, but there is a misunderstanding here. I don't ever cheat and I have done my best to live up to GC standards. I'm sorry if I stepped on any toes in such a way that I might be targeted, if there's anything I can work on to be a better part of GC while I am banned please let me know"


Not only would this show me how dedicated you are to a community, it would help YOU grow as a person. You can't go around as an adult arguing with and backstabbing everyone you disagree with. It makes you look extremely unprofessional and nobody will ever trust or like you. 


So please, everyone who is involved with the current drama take a chill pill. Take a step back and decide if you can live with not being a dick. If you can't, then GC isn't for you. There are hundreds of other servers you can play on and I respectfully ask you to leave.

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I agree with pretty much everything you said crasx but in our defence, my boy deadlock tried to return to the community in a (somewhat) similar way to what you just said. He was declined because he did not admit to cheating, regardless of if it did or not, but because he was convicted as a cheater. If you're saying that whether he did cheat or not, does he deserve a second chance even without admitting it?




He has tried before to come back either through appeal request or through an alternate account, only to find himself banned again. If you had tried what seemed like all your options and ended up with nothing, how would you feel?

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Crash thanks for some of the things you pointed out.  It makes a lot of sense.  I know admins and other board members think I am too nice in certain situations.  I definitely think we should be a community that gives 2nd (and 3rd chances).  Part of the reason for this is because of how some admins and board members were previously banned for serious issues and yet now are so important to GC.


Soda, you have to realize, Deadlock did come back immediately on alt accounts, after being banned.  He did not wait for any process.  He was banned on 3/20, then had alts banned on 4/2, 4/2, 4/11.   


Anyway, I am hoping we can move past the drama soon.

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He has tried before to come back either through appeal request or through an alternate account, only to find himself banned again. If you had tried what seemed like all your options and ended up with nothing, how would you feel?


Honestly Soda, if I were in Deadlocks shoes, I would feel proud and defeated at the same time.


I would feel proud mainly because I was so good that I was deemed a cheater by not one, not two, not three, nor four, nor five, I was deemed a cheater by ten to twenty plus people, and that I was banned from a server because I was too good.


I would also feel defeated because even though I tried to appeal my ban, it was never finished.


I would have held my head high as I walked. However, he chose to slide his way back in with subterfuge and continue to argue and slander his own name.

Edited by MurderinClony
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Just a quick additional note on this, because of some things I have heard...


No one is being banned for being someone's "friend".  


Anyone who has been banned (or ends up being banned) from the situation with Deadlock playing as Guts is because they knew he was breaking the rules and did nothing about it.  If you end up getting banned for this, and believe it is unfair or incorrect, you can post in the un-ban request forum or send me a message through the website.  All requests will be considered and reviewed.

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I've been around these parts for a while. I don't know much about whatever the drama of the month is, but I've seen enough to know it's never really that different. 


We had a firm no swearing policy back in the day. It wasn't because we were offended by it, it's because there's an interesting side effect when you don't allow it: people that aren't mature enough to respect it got banned, people that were mature enough to respect it valued the atmosphere it created. 


No one ever got paid to run this community. It's always been a labor of love. If you want to argue, attack or debate how we do things, it's really easy to go spin up a server. 

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