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She's got jokes lol

Ban Dixie?  

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Hey, folks. I want to let you all know that I just captured a special someone telling us the greatest joke in the history of jokes ever told ( :P). I thought it'd be nice if I shared this joke with you, especially to those that weren't in my team to hear it or to those that weren't even in the game.


I hope you are all ready to hear this. If not, well then it's too bad because I'll show it to you anyways ;)


Here it is: (btw pardon the horrible quality for this clip. I have the occasional issue of having black graphics in my stream. This is just meant for you to HEAR, NOT to see :) )




So, what do you guys think? What must we do now with her? :P

Edited by Carlos
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I will discuss amongst the other board members on what disciplinary action needs to be taken against the player involved.  Such language is not tolerated here.


Also, Carlos, you need to replace your sh*tty computer.

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