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got banned

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so, admins mentioned that playing with a banned player gets you banned as well. is it about deadlock? if so, i don't even know him, and i think that's kinda ridiculous. i'm asking you for unban, please.

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Hey, I thought I'd reply here since this situation about Rhineford also applies to me too, and so that I wouldn't take up forum space by making a different thread similar to this one.  I hope this is alright since I was unsure about doing that. For the record, this extended post is going to be a lengthy explanation followed by a question and NOT an unbanned request (like my previous one where I agreed with the ban and I knew for sure that I was in the wrong).


Anyways, before I get started. First off, can Rhineford and Ramen Noodle please be unbanned? The former joined the GC server a year-and-a-half ago; around the same time Deadlock got banned, so she likely didn't know that player really well at all before Guts started playing. I bet she thought that Guts was a completely different player, and NOT the same person as Deadlock throughout her time here. The latter joined the GC server 8 months ago; which was several months after Deadlock was originally banned permanently, so I have no doubt that she had little-to-no idea who Deadlock was or better yet who Guts's real identity was. I genuinely believe that those 2 names are completely innocent. If not, then mostly innocent at least.


As for me, I admit that I had suspicions about Guts possibly being Deadlock for a while. However, I was never COMPLETELY sure that Deadlock was Guts throughout his time here playing with an alternate account. Why? Because I never actually had proof or evidence that it was indeed him. For all I knew, it could've been ANOTHER banned member playing on an alternate account and NOT Deadlock. It could've been an old GC member (who joined the server long before I did) returning as Guts or maybe that old member returned playing under an alias/different name. As unlikely as this was to me, Guts could've even been a new player that quickly learned how to play in the GC server and improved dramatically in a short period of time. I had all of these scenarios and thoughts in my head on what Guts's identity really was throughout his time here. I didn't COMPLETELY know for sure that Guts was Deadlock until around the time he got banned (by some point last week is when I knew for sure). That's when all of my suspicions came to an end, and I knew for sure that Guts wasn't really who he was.  


Anyways, this was my explanation. I wouldn't mind waiting 3 days if I was in the middle of a school semester where I can spend extra time working on assignments instead of thinking about using the available opportunity to play on GC with you guys to entertain myself. However, since I'm done with classes for now and since 1 of those 3 days include a special day for me, I kinda do want to keep on playing now. I'm still willing to wait out those 3 days with that being said though, but it's going to be more deflating for me though. It's kinda going to suck not being able to play on the servers and have some more fun with you folks once I'm done celebrating my birthday. My aforementioned question is this though: May I play on the servers now? 

By the way, I do NOT have Deadlock in my friend's list, so there was almost no way I could communicate with him to know that Guts WAS him.


Edit: I'm more concerned about those 2 banned names I mentioned above than I am about my own ban.

Edited by Carlos

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Hi Carlos

I think in this situation, it is okay that you posted here.  


We will discuss your situation and get back to you.


FYI, most of the players that were banned, did know Deadlock and Guts were the same person.  I have proof of that and admissions from them.  


Also just to clarify again (not from your post, but other things I have "heard"), no one is being banned for being someone's "friend", no one is being banned for playing with someone who was banned, the bans were for knowing someone was breaking the rules and not doing anything about it.  I already explained this in the L4D2 main forum.  I don't enjoy banning anyone, especially people I have been playing this game with for a long time.  I understand people don't want to be a "snitch", but I accepted a responsibility to govern GC and the L4D2 servers.  If you are a GC member, you have a responsibility as well.  


I have banned friends before and I just had to ban them again now.  I have banned Admins in the past and even taken away their admin ( and yes, if the roles were reversed, I WOULD do the same thing to them that I did to some of you recently... I have done it).  It isn't easy getting everyone mad at me, having people tell me what others said about me or GC.


I have unbanned a couple or shortened them, based on additional information or discussions.  Regardless of what anyone thinks, I will continue to enforce rules, whether you are a new player, a long time member, an admin, etc.  I will also continue to be available to help or discuss whatever is needed, no matter what your situation or how i feel about you personally.

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