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Feedback on Hazmat Hordes


Uncommon Hordes  

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Clowns, I don't see any use adding.  All they do is act as a mobile pipebomb for unalert commons so they follow the squeaking.  When a horde is summoned, they're already fully alert and dashing toward their prey.  Construction Worker zeds though are immune to pipe bombs (got those earmuffs on).  I could see adding those, but they probably won't be used very much.  I like the choices we have now and people seem to be loving it.


I know Maestro is adamant on not adding them, but if Jimmy Gibbs zeds are added, again they'll only spawn 5 per horde and I'm thinking about upping only those to 20 points.

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For instance if someone had 50 points and like 2 others had 45, and the 50 point man buys a tank and everyone else gets 5 points up so the 2 45 point mans get to 50 too right? If I read the idea right.


i think he means that if someone on infected would buy a tank for 50 points, the 50 points would be split up evenly and given to the other team (the survivors). also if a survivor was to buy for example a heal for 15, those 15 points would be split up and given to the infected team.

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Future Update (soon to be posted in the update thread):

-Changed how points are awarded in the plugin (no difference will be seen on the server except for points will all be awarded in x.xx format...probably)

-End of round announcements will now display how many points were spent in the round for both teams for curiosity's sake (soon to be coded...thankfully there is no one that plays on the server named "curiosity")

-Hordes can only be purchased one at a time (soon to be coded)

-Smoker and Jockey will award more points per damage (soon to be coded)

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During the first level of Dead Center, the survivors had just come out of the elevator and I tried buying some fireproof hordes but they didn't spawn and attack the survivors. I heard a lot of zombie sounds in the elevator so it's almost as though they spawned above the elevator where they couldn't get down to attack the survivors

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