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Fortnite: Battle Royale


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Free BR game that is  suprisingly less buggy and more smooth than PUBG  and its Free with epic games ( not on steam)


We have a decent group dedicated to playing it but really need a few more.  It hit 10 million players in 2 weeks. ( way faster than pubg)  Games are typically 20 mins long.



Look it up on youtube  for more info.

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Sounds interesting!  I'll have to check it out...but only if you guys check out these new Arma 3 servers I found!  Also, It seems a little quick for a BR...20 mins?  That's almost as long as a CoD match.

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20-25 min matches smaller island  no vehicles ( though rumors are they are working on more islands possibly larger with vehicles)    This is a heaven send for team games.  If one of your squad gets eliminated early you dont have to wait so dang long for everyone to finish up-   my #1 gripe with h1z1 koh was a fast death meant a possible 45 min wait  time for friends to finish which was irritating to say the least.

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