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Ban Appeal

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I was banned permanently for griefing.


At the time, my name was mrliberty90, and my Steam ID is STEAM_0:1:24224031.


This ban occured FOUR YEARS AGO, so I have completely forgotten about anything regarding what happened. However, I see that it was a permanent ban. Therefore, it must have been something pretty severe. Whatever I did, I take full responsibility for it. I was a dumb, 14 year old kid who should've known better at that age. I'd like to come back because I see the population of this server is amazing, probably one of the most active servers that isn't 3000 miles away from me.


Four years have passed, so I guarantee stupid things like before won't happen again.


Thanks in advance,


wow no extra fonts so i cant due a true signature, I cri

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Looks like Maestro already unbanned you. I was going to as well since it's been so long.


Welcome back and enjoy the servers. 

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Thanks for coming here Scrotecus.  Happy you found us again after 4yrs.  

I have unbanned you.  Welcome back to GC.


You can also buy a slot membership for $15 per year - that's cheaper than going to the cinema - and you get to wear cool hats.


See you in game sometime soon.



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