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My RPG WIP here is the 90% complete Prologue

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I'm aware of a few grammatical mistakes in some dialogues.


Also, there are some orcs in a forest I've not figured out the correct

event sequence I want  so you can run into them and nothing happens


Also if you're moving to the edge of a map and it appears its the point from

which to move to another page you may have to hit the action button

(I missed setting up player touch there)


you can use your mouse for some controls


arrow keys and spacebar combo work well


also, enter and x are action keys but I think they do the same as the space bar.



This is the prologue to the main game so it is a little dialogue heavy and the base

random encounter enemies are pretty tame.   There is no leveling  or unique game 

items in this...it is just the set up of the story.  So if you DL and play it let me know what you think .....mmmmmmmK?







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