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Ok this is serious m8 unban me.


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Hey Guys Eli hea just wanted to say i think im ready for the unban on GC. This is serious and i will not troll or do anything remotely stupid to make the server unenjoyable for anyone. Please i would love a 2nd chance on GC.

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OK  THIS  IS  SERIOUS M8  UNBAN  ME  -   are you serious with this demand.  There's no real apology for your actions and a failure on your part to adhere to the instructions when you were perma-banned - trolling, griefing, entering server on alt a/c when your were banned and knowingly being devious playing with banned people - IDK how other Admins feel about this, but quite frankly - we are better off without you and your crew.

It's up to the Board Members whether you're ban is lifted or not.  However, with 5 bans already they would probably take a dim view of the situation.

Besides, until SourceBans are fixed there is nothing an Admin can do to unban - you just got to wait for a BM to sort this out - and as it's been nearly a year that things haven't been right with the server, you will have to wait patiently.

See this for your recollection -


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