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Unban please (new in the server)


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i was banned for "not listening admins". I have no sound (i have a baby in the room...), and maybe i didnt read the text messages (my fault). I don't know what i did wrong, i play fair, if you tell me i will correct. 

Thanks (excuse my English, from Chile).

Tomás (User: Revenant)

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Hey Revenant - thanks for coming to the server - it's a pleasure when people do this - I will unban you right now - there you go.

Please don't rush - you seem like a new guy who likes this server - if you get stuck or have any questions in game - there are quite a few spanish speakers here - just ask.

Hope to see you back soon.

If you like the server so much - to become a member - you get a few perks - $15 per year. cheaper than a coffee at starbucks

hope to see you soon



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Thank you. OK, i read the rules, i understand now. (and i'm using headphones too).

One question: can i use spitter's acid in the entrance of the safe room (in versus mode)? (not inside the safe room...) 

(I'll consider the membership)


Edited by Revenant
question rules
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Hola Tomas, lamento llegar tarde al hilo, Como te dice Maestro, hay muchos usarios que hablan español, como yo, soy administrador en el servidor de juego, estoy o trato de estar todos los dias.

Para tu buena suerte (o la buena suerte de nuestros compañeros Latinos) soy administrador, puedo ayudarte y guiarte. Y tratar de orientarte para que todos podamos jugar bien, sin malos rollos.

Ojo, siempre apego al respeto y las reglas del servidor. Fuiste desbaneado. Cualquier duda puedes mandar un MP.

Nos vemos en el server.



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